Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday Morning 11.18.12

Holy crazy eventful weekend! 

Dizzy's wedding was this weekend, with the rehearsal dinner on Friday and the actual wedding on Saturday night.  We rented a hotel room on Saturday so Dude would have somewhere to get ready for the wedding and so I wouldn't be stuck being the DD like I always am!  Let's just say I stopped keeping track of the rum and Coke's I was drinking after 4...

Anyways, after brunch and checking out of the hotel, I had the joy of trying to find my car in the maze of the parking garage underneath the hotel.

By some miracle, I discovered this picture in my phone and subsequently found my car!  No clue when I took it...

Sunday Morning - Parking Spot Number

After finding my car, Dude and I came home and more or less passed out while I listened to the Hobbit soundtrack (sorry if you missed it, the post has been removed now in anticipation of the release on December 10th) -

Sunday Morning Tunes - Hobbit, Unexpected Journey Screenshot

Woke up from the nap and hung out with this little girl in the sunshine.

Sunday Morning Sunshine - Pepper & my slippers

And I don't think I took my slippers off the rest of the night...

Sunday Snuggles

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