Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Happy pre-Thanksgiving to those in the US that are celebrating!  Tomorrow Dude and I are hosting (his Mom is doing most of the cooking, don't worry) about 20 people at our house, so if you could say a little prayer that all of our animals are behaving, I'd appreciate it!  Either way, I definitely will not have time to post anything, so I'm posting what I'm grateful for today. 

I am so very grateful for Dude and this conversation we had last night is just one of the many reasons:

Watching TV when The Hobbit trailer comes on
Me:  Great news about this movie, babe!
Dude:  Is this Lord of the Rings or something else?
Me:  No, it's not Lord of the Rings, it's kind of like a prequel.  Like Star Wars 1, 2, and 3.
Dude:  So it is Lord of the Rings?
Me:  No, it's about Bilbo Baggins and how he ended up getting the ring.  Frodo was his nephew.
Dude:  So it's about young Frodo?
Me:  No, his uncle.
Dude:  So it's not Harry Potter?
Me: No, not Harry Potter.
Dude:  You're going to blog about this aren't you? 

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