Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Morning

Every other week Dude plays bocce with his family at the park down the street, rain or shine, hot or cold, they are out there playing.  This is a "No Girls Allowed" bocce league, so I get to sleep in and snuggle with the dogs all morning.  Win-win, I'd say since I don't particularly relish the idea of getting out from under my nice, warm covers to go stand outside in the cold and throw big balls and little balls back and forth in a giant sandbox.

Anyhow, this means that every other week, Dude is home on Sunday mornings with me and we get to make breakfast!  Since this whole gluten free shenanigans started, we've been stuck in a bit of a rut making omelettes (Blogger is saying I'm spelling that wrong and wants to substitute it with meddlesome).

Well, yesterday morning I woke up and had a craving for french toast.  So I ran to the store to pick up some GF bread and eggs while Dude started the bacon in the oven.

Sunday Morning Breakfast - french toast ingredients

I had the brilliant idea of crunchy french toast, so I smooshed up some cornflakes and honey-roasted cashews.

Sunday Morning Breakfast - Crunchy french toast, pre-skillet

Sunday Morning Breakfast - Dude and Helper
Check out the little helper hoping for some scraps! ...Pepper, not Dude.
So, Dude throws these bad boys in a skillet and approximately 14 seconds later, our house fills with smoke, the smoke alarm is going off, dogs are going nuts, and I grab the closest thing to wave the smoke away from the smoke detector - a dinner plate.

No, I don't know why I grabbed it.

Yes, I know that's probably the dumbest thing ever to use as a fan.

Why didn't I grab a cookie sheet?  They're right under the sink?  I KNOW GOSH.

Approximately 14 seconds after using my makeshift fan to save our house from burning down, I turn into the worst Mom ever and bash the plate off of Pepper's face (I didn't know she was standing behind me, I swear!).

Sunday Morning Breakfast - The "Fan" aka broken plate

Thankfully, it broke off cleanly and there were no shards of ceramic stuck in my baby girl's face, but you can bet that she got an influx of treats all day!  She didn't flinch or yelp or anything, in fact, right after I hit her, she blinked once and then went to lick the piece that broke off.

But the french toast was good!
Sunday Morning Breakfast - crunchy french toast in the skillet

And of course, no Sunday morning is complete without some good tunes.
Sunday Morning Breakfast - Tunes - William Elloitt Whitmore, Mumford & Sons

Proof that Pepper lives and is (relatively) damage free -
Sunday Morning Breakfast - Pepper & Ball

Thinking of making this Sunday Morning post a regular thing...Thoughts?

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