Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners (& Save Like $50 a Year)

How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners
Hold onto your hats, ladies!  What I'm about to tell you is going to BLOW. YOUR. MIND. 

You know those plug-in air fresheners that pretty much everyone has at their house?  You know, the ones you can typically get the initial unit and one plug in for free with a coupon, but the refills cost a ridiculous amount of money so you just end up throwing the whole darn thing in the trash?  The things your Dad wouldn't let you have when you still lived at home because they were a fire hazard and sure to burn the entire house down in a Hawaiian Breeze-scented inferno? 

That last one may have just been my Dad. 


I'm going to say it again for emphasis.


This came about after I saw a tutorial on Pinterest on how to refill the Wallflowers you get from Bath & Body Works.  I mostly just ignored them because I don't own any Wallflowers.  I do, however, have a crazy supply of Febreze plug in air fresheners.  The one I have upstairs was empty, so out of pure curiosity, I figured I'd try to refill it. 

Believe me when I tell you that this is literally the easiest project I've ever done.  There are only 5 steps from start to finish, and that includes a step for gathering your supplies and a step for plugging it back into the wall.

Alright let's do it.  Gather your supplies:

How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners - supplies
For this project, you'll need:
  • A plug in air freshener and an empty scent jar
  • Essential oils or scented oils.  I don't have a picture, but I know they sell giant bottles of scented oil in the candle section at Wal-Mart/Target.  I think it's meant to go in a reed diffuser.
  • Fingernails or a butter knife
Step 1:  First, remove the scent jar from the air freshener base. 

How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners - base and scent jar

Step 2:  Now, you'll need to remove the wick from the container part. 

How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners - remove wick location

To do that, I just put my fingernail under the edge, but if you don't have nails or just got a manicure, use a butter knife.
How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners - remove wick fingernail

Step 3:  When the jar is open, pour your oil into it.  Use a funnel if you need to or live on the wild side and just pour it straight in.

How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners - fill with oil

I only filled mine a little bit in case this whole thing didn't work out and my house really did catch on fire like my Dad said it would.  But after having this thing plugged in all weekend, I can tell you it's perfectly safe.*

Step 4:  Once you've got it refilled to your liking, put the wicks back in - they just snap into place.

How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners - wicks back in place

Step 5:  Plug the scent jar back into the base and you're done!  That's it, I told you!  5 steps! 

How to Refill Plug-In Air Fresheners - air freshener plugged in

*I take no responsibility if you do this and your house goes up in flames.  These air fresheners are unpredictable.  You should have listened to my Dad and not bought one in the first place.

Background Noise for This Project:  Cher Lloyd Pandora Station

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