Friday, August 31, 2012

Miracle Carpet Cleaner!

Miracle Carpet Cleaner

Ok, confession time.  About a year ago, I was dragging a bag of recycling from the utility room in our basement up the stairs and out our side porch.  I dropped the bag outside, closed the door behind me and left.  

Maybe a week later, Dude goes "What the heck is this drippy stain on the steps??"  I go, "What drippy stain?"  He points it out to me.  Yikes.  I know exactly what it is and what it's from.  But being the douche canoe that I am, I deny any involvement and tell him that I don't know and have never seen it before.

steps to the basement, drippy stain
So for the last 300+ days, I've been ignoring this giant drippy stain.  

Miracle Carpet Cleaner - steps closeup

Cut to yesterday morning, Pepper, our problem furchild, ate half a pan of zucchini brownies.  These things were on top of the stove, out of her reach.  Lord knows how she got to them.  So anyways, I brought out the peroxide to make her throw up (she did and she's fine, for anyone nervous for the turd).  

Having the peroxide out reminded me of this pin that I never got around to trying, so I figured it was worth a try.  And what better place to test it out than the stairs!

If you're following along at home, you only need five things and you most likely already have all of them.

miracle carpet cleaner, peroxide, dawn, scrubber, bowl, towel
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - the original source calls for a cup, I used maybe half a cup, I don't think it's an exact science
  • Blue Dawn (I don't know if the blue part is essential, but I'm a follower not a leader)
  • A scrubber
  • A mixing bowl
  • A towel, preferably white so you can see how dirty your carpet is
Why is that picture taken outside in the grass?  I DON'T KNOW.  Don't judge me.

Mix up half a cup of your peroxide; and add in a couple of drops of the dish soap.  I added about 5.  Not enough to color the peroxide, but enough to know it was there.

Miracle Carpet Cleaner - peroxide and soap mixture
Stir up the mixture and head to your dirty carpet.  Grab your scrubber, dip it in the peroxide and soap mixture and scrub scrub scrub your carpet.  Scrub hard and work up a lather. 

Miracle carpet cleaner, scrubber, lather

Whatever you do, don't look at the scrubber afterwards or you will see this and be completely disturbed and want to go out and buy 10 Dysons to clean your carpets.

Miracle Carpet Cleaner - dog hair yucky scrubber
 Blot up the peroxide/soap mixture with your towel.  I used the towel to scrub a little too.

Miracle Carpet Cleaner - dirty towel after scrubbing
More gross.
Now, go work on another project and try to keep people and pets away from what is soon to be your nice clean carpet.

When your carpet is dry, vacuum up any residue and then sit back and pat yourself on the back because your carpet is as clean as the day you bought it!  

Miracle Carpet Cleaner - basement steps after

Can I remind you these drippy stains were over a YEAR old.  We've been walking on them (four feet, 8 paws plus Thanksgiving with 20 people) for almost 400 days.  And now you can barely tell they were there!

Miracle Carpet Cleaner - Basement Step, close up

I know you all love a good before and after so check it out:

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