Monday, April 22, 2013

Unisex Chevron Baby Shower + FREE Printables!

My favorite part of my day job is that I'm in charge of planning parties and events for the floor.  So what that means, essentially, is that I get paid to browse Pinterest for ideas, decorate, and all of my supplies are paid for!

One of my favorite people on the floor is having her first child next month - let's call her MTB - so when her supervisor asked me to help plan a shower I was stoked!

She is not your typical baby animals, pastel pink and blue, cutesy type of mom-to-be, so I knew a standard baby shower wasn't going to work for her.  I'm sure she would have appreciated anything we did, but we wanted it to scream her name when you walked in the door.

When she was telling me about her neutral with pops of color nursery, inspiration was born!

These are the colors I chose for the shower.

 And the invite.

Font, Font

And then I whipped up a little baby shower banner.  Download your own here!

Some bright-colored tassles.


Some big and bright poofs.


And PINWHEELS!  I'll detail in another post how I made these.

My co-conspirator, Joanie, brought/made these super cute Kewpie flowers.

Did I mention MTB isn't finding out what she's having?  And since no shower is complete without a game of sorts, I used that and came up with this "Bow or Beau" bulletin board game.  Since you guys are my favorite people on earth, I'm also sharing the headers for the bulletin board with you here.

Looks like she's having a boy!

Here's the decorated conference room.  It goes to show even the dingiest office conference room can be a great setting for a party!

Check out those artfully arranged forks!  That is all Joanie!

Get it?  An umbrella for a shower??  Get it!!

All in all, it was a fun time and we had a blast decorating for this shower!  If you use the printable baby shower banner or the printable Bow or Beau game, I'd love to see them in action!

If you'd like a blank version of the invite to customize yourself, I'd be happy pass it along, just email me!

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