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FREE Printable Let It Snow Banner!

Free Printable Let It Snow Banner - TItle Picture

What bugs me the most about holiday decorating is that January gets kind of jipped.  Sure January gets New Years Day, but that's about it.  Once your holiday decorations come down, it's all about Valentines Day.

So, the other day I was putzing around on Brusheezy, and came across these super cute snowflake brushes and inspiration for this Let It Snow Banner struck.  And I figured while I was making a cute banner for myself, I should get in the Christmas spirit and share it with you guys too!

Free Printable Let It Snow Banner 

I've got a tutorial below on how I put it together; but don't feel pressured to stick with the colors I picked!  This would be super cute with a burlap background or strung on rustic or bakers twine.  Or if you have some glitter laying around, you could glitterize the letters.  Or if you hate blue fuzzy mittens, you could ditch them.  Maybe I should re-make this banner for myself with all my other ideas...

So if you're following along at home, here's what you'll need.

Let It Snow Banner - Supplies

  • Cute Junk I've Made Let It Snow Banner, printed
  • Hole punch
  • Rounded corner punch (best $5 I've EVER spent!)
  • Any version of your favorite paper adhesive - I used a glue stick
  • 1 sheet of fancy scrapbook paper for the mittens
  • 3 sheets of color-coordinated plain scrapbook paper
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • I don't even know what to call this - white fur-looking ribbon stuff.  I got 12" from the ribbon section of JoAnn's but you could probably get away with 6"
First, cut the Let It Snow letters apart.

Let It Snow Banner - Cut Out Letters

Then, grab your plain scrapbook paper and cut out twelve 4 1/8" x 5 1/2" rectangles.  You'll be pasting your letters (and snowmen) onto these rectangles to give your banner a little weight and make it a bit more durable.

Let It Snow Banner - Cut Out Backing Rectangles

Paste your letters onto the plain scrapbook paper rectangles.

Let It Snow Banner - Finished Banner Letters

If you have a rounded corner punch, get crazy and punch those pointy corners off your letters.  If you don't have one, don't sweat it.

Let It Snow Banner - Rounding Corners

Now it's time to make some mittens for the beginning and end of the banner.

I free-handed the mitten drawing on my fancy scrapbook paper, but there are eleventy-billion coloring pages and templates online if you're particular.

Let It Snow Banner - Mittens

The mittens look kind of naked, don't they??  Cut your crazy fur-ribbon to fit and glue a piece to the top of each mitten.  

Let It Snow Banner - Furry Mittens

Next, grab your hole punch (lots of punching here) and punch two holes at the top of each letter.  Try to center them as much as you can, but no need to get out your protractor.

When you've got all your holes punched, string your coordinating ribbon through them.

Let It Snow Banner - Ribbon and Letters Strung Together

Let It Snow Banner - Ribbon and Letters Strung Together

Now hang that baby up!!  Since the banner is kind of long, it's helpful to have an extra set of arms to help you hang it up.  Attached to you or someone else, doesn't matter.

First I put it up on my mantle.

But I had to take down our stockings to hang it up and the mittens ended up pretty much inside the dragon tanks on both sides.  Then I thought how flipping cute would it be hanging up on top of my snowflake curtain?!

Let It Snow Banner - Finished Banner with Snowflake Curtain


And there it stayed.  Until I decided to move it out onto our covered front porch so our mailman Dominic could admire it.

No pictures, sorry, it was late!!

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